Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Blog Address

Our old blog address was
but it has refused to work for some odd reason.....

so our new blog address is

We're Back!!

So after a year and half or so break from the blogging world, we're back!!
I won't try and catch up on everything that has gone on in our year and a half sabbatical,that would take way too long, but i will try and keep this blog as up to date as i possibly can from now on.

We have a lot of changes and milestones coming up in our lives this year, such as;
- Both Kenley and I graduating from Brigham Young University in April
- Moving away from Provo, our home for the past 4 years
- Hopefully finding a real job out in the real world in the near future, fingers crossed.....
- And the most exciting change will be the arrival of our baby girl in April!

It is going to be a busy next few months preparing for all these changes, but we are excited for what is to come, and will try to be better at documenting all of it.
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