Monday, June 28, 2010

On The Road Again

Time for another update in our busy lives. Well we have moved, yet again and we now live in California! Kenley got a job with a great company, where he is able to get out and get his hands dirty but also gets to use his hard earned finance degree. He has really enjoyed it so far, and feels like it is a great fit for him! We found a great town to live in, and we are getting settled into our new lives in California. We miss having family near by, but we are excited to finally be settled down and ready for our new adventure. We would love having visitors anytime!
Hadley is doing great and is growing up so fast. She has lived in 3 towns and 2 different states so far in her 2 months of life. She has been so great during all the changes in our lives. We have been blessed with a very mellow baby who doesn't mind change and chaos. She is such a smiley baby, and loves having people talk to her. She loves to eat, and now weights 10 lbs and 4 oz. I think she looks just like Kenley. She has the most beautiful bright blue eyes, and what little hair she has is blondish/redish hair just like Kenley when he was a baby. 

 Haddy Lou loves smiling at her Daddy

Chilling in the Uhaul, she is such a great traveler. 

2 months old, growing up so fast. 

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