Friday, August 20, 2010

4 Months Old

Hadley is 4 months old already! She is growing up so fast. At her 4 month appointment she weighed 14lbs 3oz and was 24.5 inches tall. So she is still a little below average in height and weight, but makes up for that with her big head! Some new things about Haddy are:
- She can roll over from her tummy to her back and also from her back to her tummy, but doesn't really like to
- She sits up pretty well on her own
- She laughs on occasion and is very smily but gets very solemn when the camera comes out  '
- She is teething already, no teeth have come through so she is just super slobery and chews on anything she can get her hands on
- She loves to pull my hair, not a fan of that new found talent
- She loves to talk and sing to herself 
- She loves to play with toys and read books
- She loves to go swimming 
- She sleeps through the night most nights ( from 9:30pm - 6am) 

She is such a happy and content baby and we sure love her! 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Need to do better at this......

It seems like i am always just playing catch up on our blog! I will really try to do better at posting more regularly, I promise Shelley :)
This summer has been super busy, we have been all over the place. We have settled into life here in California, and are enjoying it. The thing that has been the biggest adjustment is the heat. It averages around 103 pretty much everyday. We had what they call a 'cold spell' where it was in the mid 90's for a few days. Definitely an adjustment, we have spent a lot of time in the pool, eating popsicles and trying not to roast alive!
Kenley is doing well at his job, he is learning lots and enjoying the challenges and opportunities it gives him. Hadley and I have enjoyed finding new places to explore, and getting to know people in the area. Our ward here has been amazing! Everyone is really friendly and welcoming, and we already have some good friends to play with. 
This summer we have done some fun things. We took Hadley on her first camping trip over the 4th of July. The beach is about 2 hours from our house so we decided to go and check it out. It was actually pretty cold, so we had to bundle up. It was a fun little weekend trip, but next time we plan to go to a bit warmer beach! 
It was a bit chilly!
Hadley waking up a 'Happy Camper'
Hadley when swimming for the first time in July as well. She lasted about 10 min the first time and wasn't to sure if she liked it, but now that we have gone a few more times she really likes it and loves to fall asleep in the pool. 
1st time swimming

In July, Hadley and I went and visited my family in Pittsburgh. We had fun relaxing, going on walks, shopping, and visiting down town P-burg. Grandpa and Grandma Robinson and Uncle Taylor LOVED playing with Haddy, and she loved being held 24/7 and all the attention. Flying across the country with a 2 month old baby by myself wasn't as bad as i thought it would be, she really likes to fly and pretty much just sleeps the whole way.
She sported some cute little sunglasses downtown
All tuckered out from all the fun with Grandpa and Grandma
After we got back from Pittsburgh was packed up again and headed to Utah for the Holt Family Reunion. We had lots of fun seeing everyone. Kenley's family is huge so there is never a shortage of people to talk to, fun things to do, or food to eat! We went swimming, had a fun barn carnival, went to the rodeo, did a 5k with sisters in law, participated in/watched the 24th of July parade, had a huge water fight and lots of other fun stuff. We loved the chance to get together with all the family, we dont get to see everyone very often  so we really enjoyed our time with them and are grateful for such a great family! 
Cute McKay
Daddy and Haddy. They look quite alike dont you think.
Danika and Joshua watching the Parade with us
The family float in the parade. We all wore awesome bright green matching shirts that day.

Taking a break with Grandma Holt from all the fun

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