Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ellie JoAnn

Ellie is 9 months old now, i can hardly believe it. Time has gone in the blink of an eye. Ellie is growing like crazy, and reaching new milestones everyday it seems. She is such a happy baby, such a change from the way she began her life. She is either deliriously happy, or screaming upset, she does not seem to have a middle ground. 
Here are some things to remember about Ellie 

- Crawling like a champ, began at 7 months much unlike her sister who didnt make a move until she was 11 months old
- Pulls up on everything, starting to walk along things as well 
- Loves bath time
- Love to be outside
- Love her big sister, has to always be right in the middle of whatever she is doing.
- Has two (almost three) teeth
- Loves playing with Daddy
- Hates getting dressed, cries every time
- Loves to eat, her favorites are crackers, sweet potatoes, spaghetti, and bananas
- Hates to be left out, has to be in the middle of everything
- Loves swimming and playing in the water
- Loves bike rides
- Throws little fits if you take something away that she was playing with
- Is a very sensitive little girl. Scares easily, cries easily, doesn't like to play rough
- Likes to cuddle
- Makes the best faces, makes so many funny faces and expressions
- Loves to Facetime with Grandpa and Grandma
- Not the best sleeper, still wakes up once a night between 4am and 6am to eat. Struggles with nap times as well

We are so glad to have Elle-bell in our family. She is such a happy and loving baby. 

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